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We propose Solar Generation Audit services to Landlords, which are responsible for generation losses towards System Owners, to System Owners, which are planning to acquire existing solar rooftops or farms, and other partners such as financial institutions and their Independent Engineers, which are planning to conduct precise solar generation due diligence on existing solar sites.

IPS in conjunction with its partner, Ebertech, is providing ongoing services to its clients in installation of solar generation data acquisition hardware on newly built and existing sites, establishes protocols of communication and/or VPN, install data gathering software, data processing and analytical software, and user-friendly interface allowing representation of generation analytics in a precise and simple manner.



Complementary, to conduct due diligence of existing solar generation sites or portfolios, we are conducting a thorough analysis of the panels’ deterioration and inverters underperformance, analyze practical electrical losses of solar system components, install independent mobile units in the location of solar systems to precisely collect data for local solar radiation and interpolating newly collected data to the set of generation data range to adjust generation financial models and receive the most accurate results in comparison to conventional solar generation models.

The use, by our tandem of internally developed innovative approaches, allows our partners to receive the most accurate information on solar generation, solar generation losses and have mid- and long-term precise forecasts, to reflect in solar generation financial models.generation analytics in a precise and simple manner.

Solar Generation Audit: Products
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