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Types of Residential Solar Projects 

At Integrative Project Solutions, we offer a diverse range of residential solar projects tailored to meet your specific energy needs and preferences. Our two major categories encompass grid-tied-in and off-grid systems, providing you with flexible options for sustainable energy solutions.


On-Grid Inverter and Batteries

harness grid energy during the off-peak hours and store energy in batteries for mid-peak and high-peak hours use or during grid outages


On-Grid Inverter and Solar Panels

directly convert solar energy into usable electricity, reducing dependency on grid-supplied power during daylight hours and sell excessive solar energy back to grid


On-Grid Inverter, Batteries, and Solar Panels

combine the benefits of solar generation, energy storage, and grid connectivity for a comprehensive and resilient system, reducing your energy cost to 0


On-Grid Inverter, Batteries, Solar Panels, and Standby Generator

ensure uninterrupted power supply even in areas with unstable grid conditions, providing a seamless transition during power fluctuations.


Off-Grid Inverter, Batteries, and Solar Panels

combined will achieve energy independence by relying solely on solar-generated power stored in batteries, ensuring a consistent energy supply


Off-Grid Inverter, Batteries, Solar Panels, and Standby Generator

combined will enhance off-grid capability with a standby generator for additional power during the darkest months of December, January, and February

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