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IPS provides electrical installation, maintenance and repair services to such institutional entities as school boards, universities and hospitals under the ECRA/ESA Ontario License # 7014458.

The list of electrical works includes the following services:

·         LV transformers;

·         Main building electrical breakers and distribution panels;  

·         Secondary electrical breakers, distribution panels and wiring of security, HVAC, fire alarm systems and class computational systems;

·         Installation of light systems;

·         Installation of grounding and bonding systems;

·         Installation of electrical protection systems, including lighting systems;  

·         DC wiring and wire management;

·         Inverters installations and terminations;

·         AC panels mounting and terminations;

·         Installation and associated termination of distribution equipment, such as meter cabinets, fused and unfused disconnects;

·         Installation and terminations of electrical automation systems;

·         Installation of monitoring systems and weather stations;

·         Installation of standard lugs and customizations;

·         Full spectrum of electrical commissioning;

·         Repairs/remediation of electrical issues/deficiencies discovered during inspections, maintenance and development of MOP for repairs of electrical failures with 24/7 emergency response;

·         Investigation of critical failures and inspections on short notice;

·         In-house electrical engineering and support;

·         Other specific electrical works required by the customers.






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