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Empowering Homes: Net Metering and DER in Ontario

Ontario's Dynamic Shift from Net Metering
to Cutting-Edge Distributed Energy Resources 

In the contemporary landscape of energy management, the Ontario Energy Board and the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) have facilitated a progressive initiative for residential customers – the transition from traditional Net Metering to the utilization of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) specifically tailored for Ontario residents.

Under this program, local utilities actively engage with residential customers by installing solar systems intricately connected to the grid through advanced inverters. This strategic connection empowers customers to seamlessly draw energy from the grid during periods of limited solar generation and reciprocally contribute surplus energy back to the grid when solar radiation is abundant.

It's essential to note that local utilities do not provide monetary compensation for surplus energy sold back to the grid beyond the customer's own consumption. However, under a well-designed solar system, the careful calibration of energy consumption and sales can result in a balanced financial ledger over the duration of energy consumption and contributions back to the grid. This equilibrium is achieved through a meticulous design that aims to optimize energy utilization and sales, ultimately minimizing any financial outlay to the local utilities.

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